I need a good desk (task) chair for under $200
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I'm currently using an Office Max $79 special that's doing horrible things to my back. Candidates must swivel, tilt, have adjustable arms, etc., but I'm not expecting an Aeron. Either mesh or standard cushion (not leather or similar) acceptable.
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I don't want to rain on your parade, but "what's wrong with the chair". Most chairs do not support proper posture, that includes some "ergo" chairs. I'm sure others will have suggestions for chair models, but if you're of the mind to explore your options outside the cultural bias, there's a starting point.
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Jack, that's a really interesting link--may I ask what your workspace looks like? I read all day long for my job and have been looking into how I can do this ergonomically.
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There are no bargains in chairs. The higher the price, the better the chair. If you want something better than an Aeron, the Steelcase Leap Chair is terrific. I have one at work and just ordered one for home. Not cheap at $800 (shipped), but it will last you a very long time.
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I like ths Hon chair, which my employer purchased for me for use at work.
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The Aeron is a great chair, no doubt, but they cost a lot, even used. Herman Miller's prior top chair the Equa, also great, can often be found used for much less than an Aeron. I have one, and it really pampers the back during long sitting sessions. Of course, regardless of the chair you really should get up every half hour or so, if only for a minute or two. Look in the yellow pages for a used office furniture outlet.
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Candidates must swivel, tilt, have adjustable arms, etc.

Well, I hear John Kerry isn't doing much these days.

I bought a Nightingale CXO (didn't buy it from those guys). It looks a lot like an Aeron -- in fact Hermann Miller sued them and they had to change the design slightly -- but it's really a more traditional chair design. It has memory foam in the seat (same thing as in Tempur-Pedic mattresses) and is thus really, really comfortable to sit on. It's also very adjustable, and the arms slide WAAAAY out for people of girth. If you shop around you should be able to find it for around $700.
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I added a Sissel SitFit pad to my own Office Max $79 special, and it makes a big difference. For one thing, being air-filled, it's cushioning that never flattens and bottoms out. But the main benefit is that it encourages your torso to remain active in supporting your back, rather than allowing all your trunk muscles to atrophy while you slump against a backrest.

(and Kindall -- you cracked me up.)
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Aeron's little sister Mirra is quite nice, and doesn't come with that aura of dot-com flameout that infects its older sibling.
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I had back pain (I used an Aeron) so my doctor sent me to physical therapy, where I did a bunch of exercises with a Pilates or PT (Physical Therapy) ball (you know the big bright ones you blow up). Needless to say I got bored of doing the exercises, but I'd heard of people using the balls to sit on, so I took mine into work. I've been using it for over 6 months now and the back pain's gone. Furthermore, several others at work have also converted. I believe the key is that you learn to support yourself because you simply don't have the opportunity to slouch. Doing this can be a bit tiring at first, but not sitting too long and getting up and walking around is also better for you. And I read that the small but constant movement of sitting on a ball causes constant minor spinal readjustments, so effectively you're working out your back whilst you sit.
We just moved office and were all given Mirras in the new place - I kicked mine out for $12 ball....
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