Can you recommend a therapist in New York for anxiety?
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Can anyone recommend a good therapist for anxiety issues in New York City?

I have become increasingly anxious over the past few years and it's affecting my ability to lead a satisfying life more and more as the years pass. My primary problem is social anxiety, which has made it extremely difficult for me to just cold call therapists based on their profiles on Psychology Today (I think that's the site). I know there's no avoiding making a few calls and probably even unsuccessfully trying out a few therapists, but I would feel so much better about it if I knew I was calling a therapist who has been successful with someone else on this issue. My anxieties seem rooted in discomfort with things I can't control. I'm also depressed, if that matters, but I think it's because of how my anxiety is limiting my life. I'm not opposed to meds, but think dealing with the underlying issues is preferable in my situation (although I'd take meds in conjunction w therapy if a therapist recommended it).

I think I would prefer someone who does CBT, but other forms of therapy, or a mix of types, would be ok too if they're results-oriented. I don't want to just talk about stuff for months--I want to change. I don't want to limit my question by location, gender, or insurance so I can get some recommendations.

Throwaway address: anxiousabouteverything [at]
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Please memail me.
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I had a great experience with Dr. Joanna Chapin. I don't know what kind of therapy she does specifically for anxiety issues, but if you're willing to try a few docs for fit, I'd recommend you go see her. She's on UES, and takes UHC.
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If you have insurance coverage, you should say what kind you have.
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You can memail me too!
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Errr... I guess that's what that throwaway email is for. Will email YOU in a sec. :)
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I will e-mail you my response later today. Or you could MeMail me, whatever works.
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