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Anyone know of any good blogs that focus on books about mental health, addictions, neuroscience, psychology? NOT looking for blogs about those subjects in general, but seek only blogs about new and interesting books that cover these topics. Blogs about health books in general are also of interest. Thank you, Hive Mind!!!
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I always liked this one on oxytocin - the love hormone.
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Not exactly what you are looking for, but Mind Hacks is a fantastic blog that links to fascinating psychology- and neuroscience-related articles, and often features blurbs about new books, or interviews with the authors of books, on the aforementioned subjects. Also often links to other blogs which might be more relevant.
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Thanks Water and Scarf-- I actually know both of those blogs (they're great!), but what I'm looking for is blogs that review or comment on books about neuroscience, rather than cover the subject themselves or promote their own books. There are all kinds of book blogs covering fiction-- but I don't seem to find any covering health/science, particularly neuroscience.
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