Best method for typsetting music
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What is the best text-based typesetting software for music?

I'm interested in something similar to Latex (MusicTex) or Lilypond, but am not familiar with typesetting music.

All suggestions welcome! Thanks.
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I've had lots of fun with ABC. The syntax is super simple. There is free/cheap software for Windows, Mac and Linux and there are online viewer/editors available.

There is a tutorial here.
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I've used MUP quite a bit, and can recommend it.
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nthing ABC (which needs TeX too, alas!)
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A few years ago, I installed Lilypond on my Mac and the install process raped my machine. It has never been the same since.
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Lilypond is great and produces very nice results.
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Does Lilypond not work for you?

If you're talking only about the final results, nothing even comes close to beating Lilypond. However if you want to make it do something other than its defaults, it can be ... challenging.
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