What kind of bug is this??
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What kind of bug is this?


I saw it in Tondano, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

I saw two different varieties of it. Both seemed to be encased in clear bubble-type shells. I've asked different bug-ID websites and used bug search engines, but to no avail!
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These amorous critters are Aspidomorpha sanctaecrucis tortoise beetles. They get their common name because of the tortoise-like shell which they can pull down very strongly to the surface of a leaf, thereby thwarting the attentions of predators such as ants. The second part of the Latin or scientific name means "holy cross", because from the top it looks like the beetles are splayed out by being nailed to a cross!

These tortoise beetles are a very attractive gold color, some species can change color very rapidly when disturbed by adding or removing liquid from immediately under their shell.

I got it in about 10 secs when I googled "indonesian insect clear shell".

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