Ingredients that were just meant for each other.
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At some stage I remember seeing a web page (*maybe* on AskMefi) going through amazing classic food pairings of ingredients that were just meant for each other, for example: tomato and parmesan; coffee and chocolate; wine and cheese; shrimp/ prawns and chili. I think that the framing of the idea behind this list was that tomato and parmesan were proof that god existed and loved us (a bit of a riff on the Ben Franklin beer quote). Does this ring a bell for anyone and can you find the source?
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I think this might be "close but no cigar" territory, but I found this a few days ago.
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I can't speak to a web page, but if you're interested in exploring taste combinations you should check out The Flavor Bible.
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There's a book called The Flavor Bible which might be the sort of thing you're looking for.
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Oo, i think that this was indeed on askmefi. I'll be back if i find it.
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Maybe this post about unique flavor combos?
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Flavor Pairing?
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I bookmarked that link a long time ago and forgot where I got it, but knew it was from Metafilter. I had to do some digging just now to find out that it was from this question: Cilantro and salmon don't go together. What does?
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These are all so close! I am almost certain now that the particular post I remember was from Metafilter/ AskMefi. The thing that distinguished it from the (excellent!) answers so far was that it was pretty much just a list of food pairs. The premise was that tomato and parmesan came from such different regions, yet they pair perfectly.

This is going to really bug me now!
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Unique flavor combinations?
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