Death on "Fantasy Island"?
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The Wikipedia entry for the 1970s show "Fantasy Island" says that "in some cases, people got themselves killed," meaning, presumably, guests of Mr. Roarke. It's not backed up with a citation. I think I vaguely remember some "Fantasy Island" episodes that turned pretty dark, but did Roarke ever let his clients DIE while on a fantasy? I'm looking for exact episode names and brief plot descriptions. (Note: I think some guests were terminally ill, and may have died from their illness, but that seems like a different matter to me.)
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Although I do remember that some of the episodes scared the living bejeebus out of me, I don't remember Roarke allowing anyone to die in the middle of their fantasy. The last line of the Wikipedia entry says:

[Roarke] would then inform his guests that he was powerless to stop a fantasy once it had begun and must allow the fantasy to play out until its ultimate conclusion. However, in life-or-death cases, he would inevitably interfere and ensure his guests' safety

That seems to directly conflict with the premise that some guests were killed.
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Yeah, I really don't remember anyone dying, and I loved that show. I remember one episode, in particular, where some women stranded in a desolate mansion seemed to be the victims of a serial kidnapper/killer...but of course at the end they all turned up alive.
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