Should I be tipping Dr. Sofa?
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Should I be tipping Dr. Sofa?

I got a nice sofa. Awesome! But it's stuck in my narrow hallway, so I have Dr. Sofa coming tomorrow to take it apart and then reassemble it in the living room. I've never used a service like this before; should I plan to tip the workmen? It's certainly not cheap in the first place, but I don't want to stiff the dudes saving my couch if this is the kind of thing people tip for.
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My boyfriend has used Dr. Sofa twice now (for the same couch) and he says "Yes. You tip for any personal service." I think he tipped them about $20.
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Probably, yes. This service sounds like a sort of distant relative of furniture movers, who you should tip, so I'm thinking the same goes here.
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Yes. Offer them drinks while they're there, too.
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I meant non-alcoholic drinks (at least until they're done); movers seem typically super-appreciative of that.
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Dr Sofa sounds amazing. Don't feel bad about having a stuck sofa in your hallway - believe it or not, the moving sofa problem is a fiendishly difficult (and still unsolved) problem in geometry.
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Response by poster: Don't worry, I tipped them. My couch is in my living room! This is great!
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