Advice on the best oven / microwave combo? Thoughts on the Neff H5972N0GB?
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In our kitchen remodelling plans, there is no space for a microwave so we're thinking of a built-in combo. That is, an oven that also works as a microwave. Which? gives the Neff H5972N0GB a good rating but I wanted a second opinion by the Metafilter Braintrust :)
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You might also look into a microwave/range hood combo.
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Obviously if your mind is made up, ignore this:

You may find life without a microwave extremely easy. It's one of those things that gets used a whole lot when present, but you'd likely not even notice it's absence were it to go away. Not true for everyone, of course!
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I've used a combo before, and if I were in that situation again I would honestly prefer to have a better oven and live without a microwave. Unless microwaving is part of your daily routine you could always keep one in a closet and just bring it out when you need it.
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I, too, don't have knowledge on combos, but wanted to nth what a couple of posters have already said. We used our microwave daily until we moved into a place with very little counter space. The only time I've really missed it was when we had out-of-town visitors request to use it.
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Just popped in to say you probably don't need one - then saw that everyone else agrees.

My understanding is (from overseeing many apartment renovations and lots of research) that combos don't work all that well compared to separate units. Ditto range/hood combos. YMMV.

Sounds like you own your home. I know apartment building owners like to avoid combo appliances. Repairs can be expensive because anything that has a dual purpose (like DVD/VCR's) aren't economical if one function breaks... well, you get the point.

Have fun with your renovation. It's always so exciting to make everything bright, shiny, and new!
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Yeah, unfortunately, the combos don't work well. I know this from experience.

We thought we didn't have room for a microwave, either, but we ended up using a shorter-than-normal cabinet and put the microwave on a shelf just beneath it. So the microwave looks sort of built-in. Like this! (scroll down to the pictures)
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Combos are great! Panasonic combos are the greatest! We're on our second - the first one lasted 12 years. My sister-in-law got one - when something went wrong after three years she called Panasonic and they were horrified. Sent her a new one overnight.

R O A S T P O R K W / V E G E
E N T E R W E I G H T ?


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Thanks all and for the well-wishing! It's opened a few options to us -- the most interesting being 'consider a small microwave' followed closely by 'don't have one' which I'd have to admit I was slightly horrified by :) Our kitchen is super small so I think we might struggle with a Microwave shelf (something I had thought of before).
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