can i sell a map based on a usgs map?
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I've created a map based on two usgs 7.5minute topographical maps and years of MY data plotted on them. I think outdoors people would buy this map... Can i Sell it? Do i need permission from the USGS? What is the copyright on a usgs map?

I have contacted the usgs, and am awaiting a response, but was hoping someone in here knows something about this.
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In general, stuff created by the Federal Government is in the public domain (on the theory that the public paid for it in the first place— the US is unusual in this regard; many countries do not follow this principle). USGS maps do not appear to be an exception.
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USGS maps are public domain. USGS used to sell them to people based on reproduction costs but they've been "freed" and are now available to anyone on the internet. Links: Internet Archive, Libre Map project.
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