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What is wrong with my new mobile phone? When my phone goes idle after 15 sec of no use (typical battery saving function) or loses the signal when I am in an elevator (typical situation but normally survivable), it won't automatically reconnect so it's like I don't even have a phone. How can I over come this? Is it normal for "newer" phones to constantly be searching for a signal yet not getting it or turning off like this?

I bought a new phone two weeks ago. It's a LG GS 500V. Anyway, I've tried absolutely everything I could think of and if the signal is lost when the phone is idle or after being in an elevator it pretty much cuts off the network connection and I can't receive calls, can't call out, no sms/text messages. Then it takes me some funky method of turning the phone on and off, removing the SIM card, and only sometimes it gets a signal again... is this a problem anyone else has faced and over come somehow that I can't figure out? I've taken it to the shop I bought it from, they reset it, and it worked fine... but I am unable to reset it myself and have the same problem.

The SIM card (which I've had for about 16 months) works no problem with my 7+year old phone...

This is doubly even more frustrating because I bought it in China- it's from a legitimate retailer- and customer service here is famously awful.
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Sounds like it's defective. Try having LG service it if you aren't having any luck with the merchant.
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Not normal. Take it to the store where you purchased it – if it's truly a legitimate retailer, they will have to exchange it.
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