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anyone else having difficulty getting into bloglines at the moment? Nothing seems to be there right now. Is this the result of being taken over by the load of idjuts at AskJeeves?
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I can't raise them either.
NI why.
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They had some downtime last night to upgrade their systems:
As Bloglines continues to grow, we are constantly adding capacity to the system. The Bloglines site will be unavailable for one hour starting at 7pm Pacific Time this evening, while we upgrade the system. We thank you for your understanding.
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Do you subscribe to the Bloglines news feed? Page here, RSS feed here. That'll keep you up to date on scheduled down time.
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They seemed to be switching the DNS over yesterday, and I guess it took a while to propagate. I wasn't able to get through most of the day yesterday, well outside of the scheduled downtime. I normally use the nameservers at (,, but they had no record for bloglines yesterday. I switched back to my ISP's nameservers (normally less reliable), which worked.
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It was down for several hours with no plumber. Then it was up for a little while then suddenly... Bloglines started to block my IP. Or at least that's what it appears to be. I had to switch to an anonymous proxy to check my feeds. It's inexplicable.
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