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I'm looking for a small network mail app (freeware, preferably) to use in a small business.

I've got two computers networked, and I would like to have a messaging system that isn't a full blown email app, but enables me to send and reply to messages, and view older messages. This would mostly be for phone messages and to pass on `to do' notes. Any suggestions?
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I searched for "while you were out" phone messages and got many different things, like calltrak.
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Pegasus mail client with Mercury mail server is pretty easy to set up and run with very small overhead. It allows you to do everything you ask for.
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You could also just do IM. Or just kermit notes.txt back and forth har har.
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Jabber would be excellent for something like this... not only does it support multiple messaging protocols, I believe it supports SMS. You can turn on logging also for an archive of old messages.
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Don't overthink it. If the computers are connected to the Internet, set up a webmail or IM app on each one of them.
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