Midwife recommendations for New York City
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Looking for a good midwife in NYC for a first time mother.

I know a married couple moving to NYC in a few months for Columbia Law School and the baby is due shortly after their expected arrival. So far, the mother is in excellent health and, if that continues, she would like to give birth at home.

She would like to find a good midwife who will start working with her before she moves and who is kind and easy to get along with. She's already dealt with a few prospective midwives in the city but they either had rather terrible manners or were not willing to speak with her until she had moved.

So, for the New Yorkers out there, is there anyone that you or your friends / family would recommend for this situation?
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pandaharma, we worked with a really great practice--CBS Midwifery. Two wonderful women. E-mail me at the address in my profile, and I'll pass along the contact info.

Also, my wife points out that there are couple of midwife practices that are associated with the university hospital there, and are also very well-regarded. They should be pretty easy to find through the hospital itself.
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(P.S., those first folks are certified nurse-midwifes, so they can actually handle the birth itself. That was really important to us.)
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