How do I monitor my internet connection?
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I'm looking for a simple way to monitor internet connectivity.

For the next couple of weeks, I'd like to keep tabs on when my home internet connection is working and when it fails.

Is there a simple and thorough way of doing this? Right now I'm just noting down whenever it cuts out on a piece of paper, but obviously I can't do that fulltime.

Ideally there exists a script or something that would ping every 20 minutes, and log a success or failure in a txt file. I have no idea how I'd go about making something like that, though.

Any suggestions?
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Response by poster: Oh I should mention I'm using Windows Vista Home, and I did see this earlier question but it wasn't all that helpful
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If you find out your own IP address, then you can use one of the free monitoring services from the outside to verify you are connected. I've used with success.
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Response by poster: haha dang guess I didn't dig deep enough. Thanks!
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If you're on aby sort of unix based or unix-like system, you can throw together a bash script and a cron job that looks a little like this. You can modify that to append to a text file instead of emailing you if you prefer.
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i use pingplotter.
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