I did remember the cocktail umbrellas. Close one, I know.
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Where can I find crazy straws around Herald Square/Madison Sq Garden?

Here are some unnecessary details! I'm on a bus to NY right now and realized that I forgot to bring an integral part of my friend's birthday gift, the crazy straws that every foofy drink requires. The bus drops us off around Madison Sq Garden/Penn Station, so anywhere within a few blocks would be tremendous.
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Best answer: I've seen crazy straws at CVS in Boston, so you may have some luck there.
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There's a K-Mart between 7th & 8th Ave on 34th St (you can access it from 33rd St though, right across from the side of MSG.) Also, along the lines of CVS, there's a big Duane Reade on 8th Ave between 33rd & 34th.
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Best answer: (I should also mention that there is a Duane Reade on Bway near 33rd, but it's small. I'd try the 8th Ave one.)
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Jack's 99 cent store should have them.

32nd Street between 6th and 7th (closer to 6th), on the South side of the street.
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i've seen them at CVS, but i think you have to buy the cup with them.

oddly enough, my fiancee has long had an obsession with these and she found them at Old Navy earlier this summer. not sure if they still have them.
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oh, forgot to mention that the flagship Old Navy is on 34th just East of 7th.
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If you strike out, take the train down to 6th and 14th and go to Party City where they have multiple kinds of crazy straws in the party favors section.

Party City
38 West 14th Street
(212) 271-7310
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Tannen's Magic Shop, maybe.
45 West 34th Street, Suite 608

They've got a lot of props, gag gifts, and other party favors outside of magic tricks. Right across the street from MSG!
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