Best iPhone apps and games for kids?
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Got a transcontinental flight in a couple of hours with two adults, two kids and two iPhone 4s. What games or apps will delight, entertain, educate and otherwise keep a 5 and a 7 boy year old occupied?

The Green has discussed this before here and here, and there's some good stuff there. However, those answers are sort of old now, and are pre-iPhone 4.

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Finger Physics
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These are some that I have enjoyed:

Angry Birds
Oregon Trail
Family Feud
Board Games

The kids may enjoy Clue and Life
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Response by poster: Should have added: the 7 year old reads fairly well, the 5 year old, not so much.
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Kids seem to love Doodlejump. Another great one is Ragdoll blaster.
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Well damn, I was going to suggest some kids audiobooks from the library, but you leave in a few hours. Well, there's always audible but they are a bit pricey.
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Some library systems have audio books available for download -- that might be worth checking out. I recently found my 5 year old nephew absolutely entranced by audio passages from Moby Dick and The Odyssey.
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My friends' two kids (boy, 11; girl, 5) love Skee-Ball. So do I, for that matter.
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plants versus zombies is great.

Also, consider stocking up with one or more battery packs: This one is $20 or so, and should buy you a couple of extra hours of playtime.
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Fruit Ninja
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Response by poster: Downloading now...thanks everyone!
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"Bounce On", "Bounce on 2", and seconding "Doodle Jump"
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My 7-year-old nephew loves Pocket God.
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I'm really loving I Love Katamari (based on Katamari Damacy, natch).

The Lite version only has one level, but it gives you an idea of gameplay. The full version is $5, so it's kind of pricey for an iPhone game, but if you love Katamari, it's definitely tons of fun.

Warning: the game control works by tilting the phone, so kidplay may involved some wriggling.
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Not in time for your flight, but maybe for your next one -- my 3 year old loves watching movies on our old phone. If your kids could pick out a few favorite movies or tv shows to have on there, that keeps us all happy for awhile. (We have Kiki's Delivery Service, Ponyo, Totoro, and Wallace & Gromit for her and a favorite episode each of Veronica Mars, Buffy, and Bones for me.)
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Response by poster: Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and (yes, I'm going to hell) Pocket God ruled.

Thanks all!
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