Must have awesome boots...
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Where to buy Frye boots in Canada/websites that will ship to Canada?

I am obsessed with these boots! They are Frye Veronica Slouch boots and I must have them in black or "black calf shine vintage" (distressed black leather). Additional images here.

I spotted them at Holt Renfrew, where they were completely out of sizes. Ebay has failed me, as has My googlefu has gotten me nowhere. Help!
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Best answer: Shopbop! Nearly all sizes available, and only in black so you're in luck. Free 3 day international shipping for orders over $100 too.
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If Shopbop doesn't work out here are a few other options:
Lori's Shoes (good price!)
Sterling Leather

What city are you located in? When I lived in Vancouver I used to order from (the US version) and get free shipping to a parcel place in Point Roberts...
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Urban Outfitters typically carries them, but they're not on the site right now. They are, however, just replenishing their stock of fall boots at the moment, so if you don't end up getting them from Shopbop, they'll probably turn up at UO soon enough.
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Try here:

That's where I got mine and they ship to Canada. They only have a couple sizes in the black but it says they'll be restocked shortly.

Incidentally, two years after purchase they're still the best thing I own. Love them.
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Get Outside has 'em on sale with a handful of sizes left, $5 shipping.
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Response by poster: Brilliant!! And even better, the US sites have way lower prices than the Canadian retailers, even with the exchange rate. I would have paid $438 for them at Holt Renfrew if they'd had my size. I also spied them on the Gravity Pope website at the same price.

Lori's Shoes does have great prices! But I'm going to go with Shopbop for the super fast free shipping. Sadly I don't have a car to drive to Point Roberts, and I can't wait to get my greedy mitts on my boots!!
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I actually used to take public transit to Point Roberts (Translink has a bus that'll drop you right at the border crossing), but I understand the need for instant gratification. :) However, something to thing about for future US-only purchases.
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