What are the best and most comfortable pillows that aren't overly expensive?
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What are the best and most comfortable pillows that aren't overly expensive?

I want to buy a couple of pillows for my new dorm life. Never really researched pillows till today, but I've always loved those soft fluffy pillows you have in luxury hotels.

I want to buy a couple of pillows online so any good deals that can be had right now would be great. I wouldn't want to spend more than $50 on them both.
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I am a fan of The Company Store. You need to choose the pillows based on how you sleep. I have one of their cheap-ish down/feather soft pillows and one of the pricier medium-firm down pillows. I use the single firm down pillow when I want to sleep on my back, and I use both when I want to sleep on my side. Very comfy.

(I also like their ultra-light down comforters. It's nice to not feel crushed by your comforter!)
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This Nordstrom Pillow is truly amazing. It's flexible but firm enough to give you proper support, and, as luck would have it, it IS a fluffy luxury hotel pillow, as it's the one used in Westin's Heavenly Bed collection.

Yes, it's $75 for the Queen, but they last for years providing great support, and they are AMAZING. The girlfriend and I fight over the remaining one, if either of us forgets to bring ours over.

You don't need two; you can get a cheap bed pillow for the stacked approach, and it is money incredibly well-spent. I've bought three people this exact pillow and all of them completely adore them.

Go the extra $25 (plus tax :p) and treat yourself; it's worth it.
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If you are willing to pay $80 for the pillow, get one that's all down. Feathers do not loft or really do anything.
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I like these from IKEA, but make sure to choose the right one depending on how you sleep. There are different pillows for stomach, side and back sleepers.
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No, see, all down is *too* flimsy. A good mix of feather ensures that you get support while still being collapsible.
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I wouldn't want to spend more than $50 on them both.

Then prepare to be disappointed. Cheap pillows are precisely that and feel every penny that you saved.

Buy one good one, rather than two. I recently bought the GOSA VIDE/ KÄRNA combination pillow and they are really awesome. A foam support in the middle inside a down sleeve that gives you softness and volume. Much, much more comfortable than I thought they'd be but again they'd get over the $50 total for one set.
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I'm generally fanatical about spending every single dollar necessary to get the absolute best sleep possible, but I still find myself dead to the world with my head on $20 Target down pillows. Not sure if they're an amazing deal or if I'm just weird.
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I love the Circle of Down pillows. A pack of 2 pillows is $39.99.
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Do you have access to Costco? We got two "memory foam" pillows there for under $50 and they're AWESOME.
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If you do have a Costco membership, you might also be interested in the cheap 2-pack of Sealy pillows they have. I think they're like $9 or $10 per pair. They are really comfy -- and cheap enough that you can replace them pretty often if they start to flatten out or get icky.
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I second the Costco memory foam pillows but not the Sealy pillows. Those went flat almost immediately. My memory foam pillow has lasted about a year and a half and I'm going to buy new ones soon because I just love them. I'm a side sleeper, fwiw.
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