Who prints on the weekends?
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New York print shop filter: Where can i get 30 double-sided pages of high-quality inkjet printed on letter-size matte presentation paper by monday?

A friend suddenly has an interview at a design firm and needs a printed portfolio. A lot of the quality shops are closed on weekends, or have 5-6 day turnaround times. If you have a professional-level inkjet printer, live in NYC and can do this over the weekend, MeMail me and name your price.
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I live in Northern New England and the Fedex-Kinkos shops around here have computers with connected printers that you can walk up to, plug a flash drive into, and print out whatever you want. You can load whatever paper you want into them too, which the store also provides. For the color laser printer I've also simply handed my flash drive to the person behind the counter and they've printed stuff out right then and there for me.

Not all of the chain stores have these but I'd expect that you can call them up and specifically ask if they've got an inkjet printer available this way.
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Kinkos has laser printers, which don't do good quality for artsy type stuff.
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Do you or your friend have access (maybe via a friend?) to an photography, design or art school?
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Could you find a friend/acquaintance/mefite with an Epson 1400 or the equivalent?
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I've got an R1900 and a bunch of matte photo paper (4x6, 5x7, 11x17) and regular letter sized inkjet paper, but I'm out in Long Beach. If you want to take the LIRR from Jamaica and head to the beach this weekend, let me know. Hopefully you can find someone closer.
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