What are some good dance moves I can learn from home?
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DanceFilter: Help me learn how to dance from the comfort of home. What are some of your favorite dance tutorials / dances to imitate ?
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What kind of dancing? Folk? Hip hop? Ballet?
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What kind of dancing do you want to learn? Salsa? Swing? Two Step? You'd be surprised how useful YouTube can be. They even have a breakdown of Michael Jackson's Thriller which I used to get myself ready for ThrillerFest.

From the general nature of your question, I'm guessing you want to know how to be comfortable dancing at parties and/or clubs. Personally, I love Hip Hop Abs. Ok I know it looks like a cheesy infomartial workout video series. Shaun T's steps are very basic and can be applicable in many situations. The most important thing about dancing is to be relaxed and follow the beat. Throw in some of his moves and you're good to go.
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Response by poster: I'd be up for just about anything. I'm pretty open. Preferably some fun stuff to try and show off along the lines of hip hop / club friendly / wedding friendly type stuff. ( 50s to 90s dance moves / hip hop / top rock / lock n pop / crip walk / Other)
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If I could be half as smooth as this guy, I'd be happy. Looks pretty simple, though. Damn guy doesn't even really move his feet.
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Response by poster: And Vilandra, the question isn't how to be comfortable, it's more of what are some good dance moves to learn at home that you could bust out latter. Specific youtube videos please...

to get the ball rolling

Fun n crazy
Napolean Dynamite
Crip Walk Tutorial
Popping and Waves
And of course Evolution of Dance
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You MUST, MUST try whacking/waacking/whaacking...

See this, this, and also this to see a guy whaacking. I'm sure there are better vids out there, but I can't find them right now.

I'm not at all a trained dancer (I did do ballet, jazz and tap from when I was 4-9, and then gymnastics from 9-14), but I love the art and my actual-trained-dancer friend convinced me to do some drop in hip hop classes with her. In one class we tried whaacking and it was the most fun EVER. There are a million ways to vary the style too, such as combining elements of vogueing, locking, house, etc. (from what I understand, whaacking itself was born out of a combination of different styles). Try it out!
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Here are some more videos:

A video teaching some whaacking arm movements

Whaacking and New Jack Swing - There are several different dances in this video, so watch all the way through, especially the one that starts at 1:15.

Whaacking and Locking

I just love the attitude in this girl!
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Watching Davey Dances videos always gets me in the mood to dance, he looks like he's having a great time. He has some good moves, too, though it's not an instructional thing. You can try on his style for size.
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Response by poster: Michael Jackson - Best Dance Moves

How to glide Tutorial

(footwork) Kyren - Crip Walk

How to Wiggle Walk (Ballet inspired with Heal Toe with Locking)

Mr. Wiggles in France

How to Pop

James Brown Dance Tutorial

Level 4 James Brown - En Francais
Level 4 - Slide Walk - Encore En Francais
Level 1 - Video Rythme
Level 2 - Slipped Walk - Aussi Francais

So You Think You Can DANCE

If you only have time to watch one of the videos watch the last one labeled "DANCE" . Some of the best locking and neck isolations you will ever see by Robert Muraine.
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Response by poster: Most Basic move in Club Dance - Step Touch
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