Looking for an Optometrist in Salt Lake City or South Jordan, Utah.
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Help me find an Optometrist in Salt Lake City or South Jordan, Utah.

It's way past due for me to get my eyes checked as it's been 4 years since my last one. My provider search from my insurance came up with over 75 hits in the valley, so I need help finding a new one. We changed insurance so my previous optometrist is no longer available to me. I live in South Jordan and work downtown, so any place that you like between the two is good with me. Closer to home or work is better as I usually ride the train between the two, but I do have a car so anywhere in the valley (within reason) is good. I'm not really high maintenance when it comes to doctors but I want some recommendations for people you have used and liked. I've had a few terrible ones and I think that's what's fueled my reluctance to go back in.
Bonus question - should I try and get records from my previous optometrist or are they not worth it due to their age? I haven't had any problems with my eyes. All my exams are simply adjustments (slightly worse) to my prescription. So I don't know if it's worth getting them or if I should just start over with the new place.
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After trying at least three other optometrists in the area, I had a positive experience at InVision Eye Health in Sandy (near South Towne Mall). I believe I saw Dr. White. I've never bothered to have my records transferred between eye docs.
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Thanks for the info. I know right where that is (drive past it on my way to Trax) so I'll check em out.
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I just wanted to follow up - thank you so much for this recommendation. They were wonderful, fast, professional, thorough ... all around great.
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