I need a new provider of virtual credit cards
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Since Paypal is shutting down their virtual credit card number feature I would like to find a different provider, but I dont want to apply for a new credit card.

I have been a long time user of Paypal, and also of their Virtual Credit Card number feature.

It allowed me to create a unique credit card number, for use with online merchants that did not directly accept Paypal payments.

I felt safer being able to make purchases from vendors online I did not know or trust fully. The credit card number issued should only work with one vendor, and is either allowed one single transaction or reoccuring transactions.

I am sad to see that Paypal has decided to shut down this program.

I have thought about the various pre paid debit cards that are around, but that would mean that every merchant I did not trust would get the same number (unless I kept buying new prepaid debit cards for every transaction). Plus most of the pre paid debit cards I have looked into seems to have a lot of fees.

If there is a pre paid debit card, that will allow me to generate new virtual credit cards, I would love that.
Preferably I am seeking a provider much like Paypal, that allows me to generate single use credit card numbers,without any fees and takes the money needed from a payment source that I have registered with the Paypal like intermediary.

I really like the idea that even if someone manages to hack into the merchant I bought items from at a later date, if they get my credit card number, it will be worthless, since its tied to a specific vendor.

None of the credit cards I currently own, have this feature unfortunately, and I am not in a position to try and sign up for
a new real credit card.
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I know this isn't a great answer, but from my understanding, virtual CC services are hard to find in the U.S. due to their use in circumventing the online gambling laws.. (the ones that stop me from easily making a deposit into an online poker account) - from my understanding, that's actually one of the reasons Paypal is discontinuing their service. Not a happy camper here.. sigh.
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I realize you say you're not in the position to apply for a new card, but should that change and for the reference of anyone looking for a new card... Citibank offers single use virtual numbers, at least on my Dividend Mastercard.
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Bank of america offers a shopsafe number, I do not know if you have an account with them or not?

1 option would be to go for one even if the interest is high and use that strictly for merchants you may not trust.
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Use a Vanilla Mastercard.
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Citibank, Discovercard, and B of A are the three that I have which allow this feature. (AmericanExpress used to also, but they cancelled it a few years ago.) I don't know of any pre-paid card that has the single use number feature.
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Slashdot recently ran this very same question. Some good answers came out of it too.
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Response by poster: I did not know about the whole gambling issue that is interesting.

At this time in my life, with that has happened I am unfortunately not
eligible for a new line of credit. I had an account for a while with citibank
and I loved their service, which was what I used prior to Paypal.

However I am grateful for the advice people have put in, since it may
help others who come across this thread.

I have from previous attempts discovered that giftcard pre paid debit cards
are often not accepted by merchants. Especially if you are buying a service
that may have re occurring payments.

I regular pre paid card should not have the those restrictions but usually the
fees are pretty high and again it does not give the security of single cc numbers
per merchant.
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You could use Verified by Visa/MasterCard SecureCode. I know it's not the same but it may give you what you are looking for.
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You can apply for a Paypal debit card.. which you can use to do things like withdrawal money from your paypal account, or use it to pay things. It's not a credit card.
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Response by poster: @royalsong: A paypal debit card though, remains a static number, so if it is stolen from a server at a merchant I am compromised. With a virtual one off credit card number the theft would not expose me.
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