Antique Carpentry Charts Online?
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Looking for online resources for old carpentry formulas/charts from way back in history that look like astrological illustrations.

They were drawings because most folks couldn't read. For purchase or reference, it's all good. If you they have a specific name, I'd appreciate knowing that as well. Thanks!
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Could you be a little bit more specific as to what you're looking for? "Way back in history" is pretty broad. Do you have a particular century in mind? A particular country?

If you're not sure, skimming some general scholarly books on the history of carpentry might help you narrow your search.
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Response by poster: That's all the context I have. I've been searching online for a week. Either there's nothing like them online or I don't know the correct search terms to use. A guy I knew a few years ago had some framed. Maybe 17th century?
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Not an answer, but I'm thinking three things that might help. First, historically there were a whole lot of architects with backgrounds in astronomy - eg Christopher Wren. It's not carpentry but it might be an indirect way of getting there. Second, in medieval cathedral and church design the vault was often an allegory for heaven, so maybe try googling "medieval cathedral architectural plans/drawings/diagrams" or something like that. Third, the link between maths, astronomy and architecture was particularly strong in medieval Islam. Could the drawings have been Islamic?
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