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What are some other examples of "X things in Y time"? e.g. The Show with Ze Frank - a video a day for a year; Julie and Julia blog - all of Julia Child's recipes in a year.
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My dad's favourite (and only) riddle: "A hen-and-a-half laid an egg-and-a-half in a day-and-a-half. How many did it lay in a week?"

It's not a very good riddle.
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Best answer: Nina Sankovitch read a book a day for a year, and posted reviews.
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I know a fair number of people who signed up for the 101 things in 1001 days project.
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What Katie wore. Insert "oh dear god, she didn't" here .

I have no idea how I stumbled upon it. And I'm kinda embarrassed to link to it. But I've had a few wines... And you asked!
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Didn't someone post about a couple having sex every day for a year? Maybe not a blog, but an article or book...and I could be remembering wrong but I recall in A Round-Heeled Woman the author's foray into casual sex had a time limit, maybe a year.
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Metafilter's own interrobang drew a comic a day for a year and they are awesome.
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National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) takes place during November each year (since 1999). The challenge is to write 50,000 words in a month, and last year 170,000 people participated. (I'm not sure, however, that we have 170,000 new novels to enjoy thanks to this undertaking, even for loose definitions of novels).

Inspired by NaNoWriMo, in 2004 Burr Settles launched February as February Album Writing Month (FAWM) in which songwriters are challenged to come up with 14 songs during the 28 days of February. There were over a thousand participates this year.
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Attend a Toastmasters meeting. The meeting is designed to last exactly one hour. Every speech is timed to end +/- 1 minute of the agreed upon time. The best part though is that during the last few moments of the meeting, someone presents a time presentation where the time presentation finishes by stating the length of time of the time presentation.
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There's always 365 days - take a picture of yourself every day for a year.

And any number of iterations of time-based photo projects. 52 Photowalks, for example.
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Jonathan Coulton made a song a week for a year.
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Does Ten Years Of My Life count?

#1: paypal the address in my account for my kickback ;-)
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I don't know if this counts, since X wasn't known in advance, but check out "Attempt At an Inventory of the Liquid And the Solid Foodstuffs Ingurgitated By Me In the Course of the Year Nineteen Hundred And Seventy-Four" by the incomparable Georges Perec.
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Brotherhood 2.0, wherein brothers John and Hank Green vowed to spend 2007 communicating with one another solely via week-daily video blogs.
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Recent AskMe thread.
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One poem about onion bagels each day for a year.
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Dan Brown (not the author) just started Dan 3.0 last week where he has given control of his life to his Youtube and online community for a year and posts daily videos.
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The Daily Nail. Just... wow.
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The uniform project. was an art project and successful fund raising effort. It has been expanded now, but a pretty cool idea.
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Marissa at New Dress a Day is refashioning one dress per day for 365 days on 365 dollars.
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The ones that I follow are all about cooking/shopping/eating and most have been covered either in AskMe or MeFi before, but here goes:

One Dollar Diet Project - Eating on $1 a day for 30 days from September 1 thru September 30 2008.

Eating Well On $1 A Day - for 100 days starting May 1 2010. He started going for 30 days and then decided to make it 100 days. He does this mainly by couponing and also a little neighborhood foraging for fresh produce. His meals have gotten way better throughout the 100 days and it has been inspiring watching him learn how to put together pretty healthy, albeit unconventional, meals.

30 bucks a week - ongoing - I love this blog. Great recipes, very healthy, nice photos.

A Year of Slow Cooking - a new years resolution to use the slow cooker every day in 2008. She wrote a cookbook and has continued slow cooking and posting recipes.
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My Year of Mixtapes - just what it says. One mixtape a week made (and posted as an MP3) for a year.
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Response by poster: Thanks all!
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