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I just moved to Oakland from LA. I find Twitter to be really useful. Please recommend Bay Area-ish Twitter feeds (for Oakland, San Francisco and Marin, since I'll be spending lots of time time in all three regions) I should be following.

I unfollowed a lot of LA-specific tweeps today, and it sort of brought home how much I rely on Twitter for local news, traffic and public transit stuff, info about my city's cultural life and a sense of local color. I'd like to refill my Twitter stream with tweets from/in/around/about my new home. I live in downtown Oakland, work in Marin, play in SF and use my car, my bike and the BART to get around.

I'm primarily interested in:

* Local news (I already follow SFist, but that's about it)
* Transit (I already follow bartdiaries and munidiaries)
* History and geography
* Twitter feeds specifically having to do with the East Bay and Marin, because it seems like the SF ones are somewhat easier to find
* Education-related feeds
* Bay Area cultural institutions (museums, opera companies, galleries, symphonies, choruses... and if anyone has recommendations for experimental/avant-garde musical ensembles I should be aware of, I will heart you forever)
* Live music (esp. indie and world music)
* Queer-related twitter feeds (small and large organizations, spaces and scenes; queer activists)
* Alternative scene stuff (to be interpreted however you like, because I'm not comfy being more specific in public). Feel free to MeMail me these if you prefer.
* Local color

I'm not personally as interested in the following subjects (unless they're especially iconic, relevant and/or entertaining), but feel free to post about them anyway in case someone else is interested:

Tech companies; tech personalities; personal twitter feeds in general (although I won't know the exceptions unless I see 'em); restaurants and bars.

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Best answer: Transit + culture + ticket giveaways: myBART
Local news: sfappeal
stuff to do: funcheap
a list of bay area feeds in multiple categories: laughingsquid/SF Bay Area Info
alternative + education + East Bay: oaksterdam
traffic: 511SFBay/sfbaytransportation

Good question. I'd like to find out about more area feeds too. :)
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Best answer: Some museums: SFMOMA, deyoungmuseum, asianartmuseum, cartoonart, exploratorium, oaklandmuseumca
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Best answer: CalTrain is updated by riders and often useful.
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I live in LA and never thought twitter could be used in such interesting ways. Can you please let us know your tweet feeds for LA? Thanks in advance!
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Response by poster: I deleted a lot of my LA feeds yesterday, but here are a few to get you started:

LAist, latimescitydesk, LANow, metrolosangeles, LACMA, LosAngelesCM (bike stuff), earthquakesLA, LAasSubject, CalArtsREDCAT, barnsdall, LASHP, guerriLAdrivein. Most of the foodtrucks have twitter accounts now, and I especially recommend @COOLHAUS.
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Best answer: Oaklandish: hip local arts and culture boosters.
Oakland Local: Pretty much what it says.
Only in Oakland: a photo a day of cool stuff in Oakland.
Walk Oakland Bike Oakland: bike and pedestrian advocacy group.
510 Menus: "Taking the mystery out of East Bay takeout"
TransForm: Bay Area transit advocacy.
Oakland Underground Film Festival
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Best answer: I think you have most of mine already, but here are a few more:

East Bay Express
Oakland Events
secret Oakland
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Best answer: I see we haven't listed any for Marin yet. How about marinij?

Two others in the "news" realm: sfbg and sfgate.

And someone has compiled a huge list of Twitter accounts.
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Best answer: I will second:
Only in Oakland as a great way to see armchair explore the city

Secret Oakland for local events

and add:
Good News in Oakland


510 Families

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Best answer: For arts & queer-friendly experimental performance, etc. you might like @CounterPULSE (disclosure: I'm on the board!). While we do Twitter, there's a lot more info on our site. Also seconding the recommendation for @OaklandLocal, which is a great source for news, cultural & political information & events.
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