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Best DLC for PS3? Short and sweet. What's a good ~$10 download for the PS3? (I've got Braid and Noby Noby Boy). I'm thinking of maybe Pixel Junk Monsters, or Flower. Is there anything else I should look at? Basically the only genres I'm not into are Racing and Fighting, but I'll make exceptions for excellence.
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Best answer: Wipeout HD is an awesome racing game, and I generally hate racing games.

That said, I'd still recommend Flower over anything else you can download for the PS3. It's pretty and soothing and fun to play, but what's amazing about it is that there's a narrative, without dialogue or even characters. You get emotionally invested in the game, somehow, and the last level and credits are incredible for that reason. It's as good an argument for "games as art" as anything I've ever seen.
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PixelJunk Shooter. It's both beautiful and super fun. If possible, play it with a friend.
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Best answer: Flower is a lovely experience. Slow, but lovely. fl0w is in a similar vein, of course, although not nearly as playable on the PS3 for some reason. Pixel Junk Monsters is also quite good if you're into tower defense generally.

I haven't played the full version of this, but I actually had a grand time playing the Fat Princess demo over and over. Tends to be more than $10, but the half price sale might still be going on, putting that on at ~$7.
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PJM is nice, as are echochrome and PixelJunk Eden.

If you hadn't said you don't like fighting games, I would have suggested Rag Doll Kung Fu. It's goofy.
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Best answer: Flower is amazing for the reasons described above. IMHO it's worth it for the unique experience. However you would probably get more gameplay time from one of the Pixel Junk games. They are quite addicting.

I also really like Fat Princess. I'll load it up for some quick hack/slash (you can also play spellcasters, workers etc.) The art style is cute and I <3 <3 <3 the soundtrack to death. The game was unexpectedly popular and the developers have since gone back to add a quirky backstory to the game. There is still an active online community for multiplayer action.
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If you are up for something a bit different, check out Linger in Shadows. Its less of a game, more of an interactive demo (in the demo scene sense, not a traditional demo of a game). Sort of interactive art?
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spend the extra $5 and get DeathSpank for $15. Extremely, almost absurdly deep for a downloadable title. Like Diablo but without the frustration.
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Response by poster: Cool, awesome suggestions so far. And yes I'm definitely into the art game suggestions. To be clear the $10 isn't hard and fast, I just meant approximately normal DLC price point range, in other words not a full game with available DLC content. So go nuts.
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my two favorite games i've ever bought on the ps store are deathspank and trine.
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Best answer: The Scott Pilgrim beat'em up just came out and can be had for a cool $10. Good if you have 3 other friends over.
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Critter Crunch. PixelJunk Eden (although all the PixelJunk games are at least good). Shatter. The Last Guy. I know there are other good ones I'm missing.
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Comet Crash is an awesome tower defense (with a twist) game, and tons of fun to play with someone else. I like it better than PixelJunk Monsters. For what it's worth, I thought Flower, fl0w and Eden were boring and pointless.
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I remember what I forgot: Super Stardust HD.

Also, not sure they fit your definition, but I think both are under $20: Burnout Paradise and Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty.
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Best answer: Flower, Scott Pilgrim, Wipeout HD all seconded. And Pixeljunk Shooter is currently on sale for $5, well worth scooping up.
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I watched a friend play The Last Guy. While the concept of you herding the last remaining humans away from zombies is hilarious, the mechanics are unwieldy. I don't believe he picked it up again after that initial demo for us.
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Consider some psone classics:

CastleVania SOTN
Final Fantasy (If you're into that)
METAL GEAR SOLID (oh god now i want to go buy this)
R-Type Delta
Silent Hill
Street Fighter Alpha 1 and 2
KOF 99
Tekken 2
Twisted Metal 2

..Sadly no parappa the rapper, because they did a psp remake. :(
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Best answer: nthing Scott Pilgrim. Also, Bionic Commado Reloaded is amazing.
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Bomberman is good. I also just plunked down the nostalgia cash for Afterburner, which is a lot of silly arcade fun.
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Best answer: Ditto Flower, Fat Princess, Deathspank & Pixeljunk Eden.

I got fl0w when it was briefly, inexplicably, free, but it doesn't really control well at all. Flower is far superior.

I have trouble getting into Pixeljunk Shooter single player, but it's decent fun with a friend over.

If it's down to just one, I'd personally go for Flower. It's not the best value for money in terms of longevity, but it's my favourite PSN download thing thus far.
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I also forgot Everyday Shooter.
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I'm playing DeathSpank right now, and it's some of the must fun I've had with a video game since I first plugged in and turned on my Atari 2600. Sheer, untedious, lose-track-of-time fun.
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Response by poster: Hokay. I pulled the trigger on Flower and it is delightful! I'm downloading demos of most everything else suggested in here (Scott Pilgrim, Death Spank, Fat Princess, et all). Thanks!
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