Latin translation of "worse things happen at sea".
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Please provide me with a Latin translation of "Worse things happen at sea".

It's for a notarial seal (which in Scotland typically contain your name, "Notary Public" and a motto (usually in Latin) in the middle).
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"Peiora cedunt mari" is one way of putting it.
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"Peiora cedunt mari" is one way of putting it.

Yes, and a very bad way of putting it. (It actually means something like 'greater evils yield to the sea', which is not what you want.) The best I can come up with is 'Res infeliciores saepe in alto eveniunt', which isn't very stylish but would be adequate to express your meaning.
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Peiori (or res infeliciores) fiunt in mari?
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I saw this painted on a wall once and the way they worded it was "romanes eunt domus"
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Internet machine translation:
Peior res venio procul mare
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askr, i believe you mean ITE.
Peiora fiunt (in) mari ?
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Oof. Internet machine translation says "Bad thing I come at a distance sea". I was using cedo in the 'befall, happen' sense, and mari as ablative of place where without the preposition, but I do see that cedo could also be taken transitively.

As it's going on a seal, I thought it prudent to be succinct. Peiora does literally mean "worse things" - res infeliciores means "more unfortunate things" or "more unlucky things". Saepe gives you "often," and alto is a more metonymical way of saying "sea" as it means "the deep". I do like the inversion, though.

Peiora (in) mari fiunt (or accidunt, or eveniunt).
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