What party games with guitars are there?
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I like to take my acoustic guitar to parties. As well as songs and karoke, what else can I do? Examples inside.

To help you understand what I am after let me tell you that so far I have 2 "games" to play with the acousitc guitar at parties.

1) I call 'Guacamole': I play a little 3 or 4 chord riff on repeat. I ask the best singer in the group to sing an appropriatly melodic "lalala" whenever I wink at her/him (normally her). The next person, must make a rhythmic sound (base drum, "boom boom" or hihat "tsh tsh") or any kind of mouth/beatboxy kind of simple rythm. He does his part once he hears the girl before finish her lala's. Then the third person - perhaps - claps when he hears the girl start her lalas. All the while adding different parts for different people with different "triggers" (whenever I wink at them, or whenever you hear x). This continues until you have a whole 15 track acoustic orchestra: double base, hand claps, DJ decks, maraccas, harmonized mexican "Ole!"s, james brown style "YEAH!"s and everything else you can think of. Important: the funniest/bravest person tends to be given the job of singing a strange phrase "I LOVE Guacamole!" or something similar in the best way they can, at the creschendo always abruptly stop playing guitar, wink at the "guacamole" guy, and then crank it up full volume - hilarity ensues and everyone has a brilliant time.

2) "We can name 40 things that come in jars". again, nice little chord run (django reindhart-esque jazzy stuff) Rhythm: Boom boom Tsch, Boom boom Tsch. Simpley: Go round the circle, everyone must name something that comes in jars: "jam" "pickle" "marmelade" etc until the last person duplicates an item or can't think of one - in which case they are out, and they get to choose the next topic (eg, things that are green, things that make noise, makes of car, types of candy etc)

These are both really good games and are a lot more fun than if they hum along to the chorus of "wonderwall" as they don't really know all the words. But do not get me wrong singing solo, with the group has a fantastic time and place. But noting the above, what else is there to do with a guitar...?
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2) "We can name 40 things that come in jars".

Did you happen to get this one from Red Dwarf?

PETERSEN: I've been to Titan, I've been to Juno, I can name eight things that go in jars that you know! Pickles!
CHEN: Spaghetti!
LISTER: Brains!
SELBY: What? In jars?
LISTER: My uncle's brain's in a jar. It's really sad.
CHEN: Why is it sad?
LISTER: He's not dead yet.
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I would leave it at home. I know you love your guitar and it is so cool and awesome and you are awesome at playing it and everyone should want to hear your awesome riffs and chord runs, but both of those games you have described can be done without a guitar. I cannot think of a game that requires a guitar except a jam session where many people have instruments. The guacamole "game" is the closest, but if you're the only person with the guitar then why not level the playing field and just go acapella/percussion.

When at a party with one person with an acoustic guitar if they are not doing a singalong, or something else in that vein I have an urge to go animal house and just smash the guitar. Seriously it is very annoying if you are trying to talk with some people and someone is just strumming on their guitar make it very hard to concentrate.
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Best answer: I don't personally take my guitar to parties, but one of my favorite jokes when I am on a guitar is to tell everyone about this new song I wrote about a time I was in prison and tried to escape. Its called "Jail-break." It really captures the raw emotion of such a desperate attempt at freedom, blah blah blah.

Then you grasp the top string between your thumb and index fingers and slide your nails up and down the string making a sawing sound. That's all.

Helps if you have a friend on a drum and cymbal to do the BA DUM DUM.
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I agree with Koolkat. Sorry. Feel free to ignore both of us if you run with a musician crowd, though.
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You could set up a film reenactment:

Sit on the stairs with your guitar. Start singing "The Riddle Song" to the coeds. Blutarsky will be along any moment to relieve you of your guitar.
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Wow, lots of mean-spirited people here. I've decided just to be "that guy" at the party who brings her guitar. My uncle always brought his guitar to parties; sometimes he played, sometimes not. It sure was awesome when he did play, though.

Sorry I can't answer the question, though. Mostly I do sing-a-longs, because most people are not assholes and actually enjoy it.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the love Frecklefaerie :)

-To these guys credit, I do know what they mean. I have been playing many a year and heard many people come in with their guitar and depress the place. I'd like to think that I would be able to know when to play and when not to play. I'm the same as your uncle, I like to bring it (at least have it in the car) but not always play, only if the party consensus is to.

Using the two things above, the last party I went to, a mates leaving do - only about 8 of us, I had 2 texts after saying thanks to the melodiously accompanied messing around it was "The best party ever" and that "It was the best party at my house to date" which I think is a better turn out than "annoying someone who was trying to talk" as per mr. koolkat.

Another plus against my cause is that sometimes I just sit in the corner and tinkle on some jazz - surely the party would have a cd on any way? And in my book, live good music is better than recorded, same-ol' music if you follow?

jozx- yes I totally did, red dwarf rocks hard XD

mippy - I dont hang around with many musicians, just people - who enjoy music?
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I like an awful lot of music, I just - personally - find someone playing the guitar at a party awkward/disruptive/pretentious, depending on how drunk I am at the time. But then again, I dislike things like drinking games and audience participation and just want to relax when I'm out. Sounds like you play where it's wanted which is a good way of avoiding reactions like that.
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Response by poster: Perhaps I got the wrong end of the stick, thanks for your comments mippy. Totally with you when you want to chill out sometimes, but (for the start of it at least) I like to party - at a party. And once people have all chilled out late at night and are "all partied out" then of course all the relax things happen. But thanks for your advice all the same :)
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I should bring my euphonium, we can jam.
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Response by poster: Brian: Euphonium & Guitar play tetris Theme Tune - let's do it
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