How to enjoy being alone for 3 days?
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How should I make the most of home time on my own please? I am at home and sick on my own. My husband is at a conference for 3 days. What fun stuff should I be doing to maximise the unusual experience of being home alone, without really wanting to go anywhere?

Because of the virus (on the tail end of it but still a bit stuffed up) I don't feel like seeing people or going out. I will go back to work tomorrow but I have this afternoon, this evening and Saturday to revel in my alone-ness. (I will miss my husband if he's reading this. Looking to focus on the positive!) I am in Australia. I'm in my late 20s. I've watched enough QI on youtube already. There must be more to it than this :)
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When I'm at home alone I like to play Public Enemy albums at ear-blistering volume. Your tastes may vary.
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Best answer: If my boyfriend is away I usually take the opportunity to do things that make him whiny when he's there, such as:
Re-styling the house to look more purty (with things I already own)
Cleaning out cupboards and making big bags of crap to take to the op shop, labelling and sorting stuff (I am a sicko who enjoys this though, ymmv)
Playing music really, really loud and singing along at the top of my voice (I am tone deaf) while doing lame dance moves
Dressing our kelpie up in household items up and taking photos of him
Enjoy being naked without being groped constantly (though that's nice too)
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That sounds like an excellent opportunity to take a long hot bubble bath with a good book for company.

Sometimes when my guy is traveling, I'll channel errant "missing you" energy into planning small surprises for him when he gets back, like a "Welcome Home" banner made of scrap paper and junk mail. Nothing fancy, just something to let him know he was missed.

Although usually I just spend way too much time and play Flash games until my eyes fall out.
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Microwave popcorn and red wine for dinner...
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Best answer: I like to sit in bed with a good book or magazine, a cup of tea, perfect music, and some sort of delicious junk food- I usually go for Vachon Flakies or McCain Deep n' Delicious cakes. I also like to have long skype dates with friends where we cook dinner at the same time and chat while we cook and eat.
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So my immediate thought was to recommend watching "Home", the BBC adaptation of a JG Ballard short story ("The Enormous Space"). It's about "an experiment in suburban living". You don't have to like science fiction to appreciate it. It's set in the present and there are no aliens or spaceships or anything like that. It's both comical and disturbing but not scary. It's more of a psychological fairy tale.

If you like delicious irony, it might suit your situation nicely.
And it's only an hour long or so.

It's currently available on YouTube in 7 parts. Here's the first.
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metafilter > boingboing > ebay > youtube then repeat?

don't know what city you're in, but it seems like everyone in melbourne is sick at the moment.

If I had three days alone inside, i think i'd like to try and learn some larry graham bass lines (slyt)
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Sing! I can really only sing and have a completely good time when I'm alone. If you're a dork like me, put on your favorite musical soundtrack and try to do all the voices, or your favorite opera and try to (very badly) sing phonetically, while doing chores or reorganizing your books or whatever. That way, when you forget the words or go really flat or have to switch octaves all the time, nobody knows.
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My favorite part of being home alone is eating whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it, and not eating just because it's mealtime. No "what's for dinner?", no "hello, wife, I have made us stir fry" (oh, but I had a huge lunch), just a block of cheese, a tomato, some pretzels, a slice of pie, and a midnight spoonful of ice cream out of the carton.
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Oh, but on the practical side, if there's something you kind of want to do but don't really want to try to explain to anybody what you're doing, now's a great time. For example, for laying out all your old Tshirts on the living room floor and imagining what they'd look like as a quilt. Or trying out that crafty thing where you iron plastic grocery bags. Or whatever has been on the back of your mind.
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I'm with Wantok. I mostly watch/do things that my boyfriend doesn't enjoy. TV shows, movies (yes, honey, I know I've seen Dirty Dancing fifteen times already but that doesn't keep me from wanting to watch it again RIGHT NOW). Music he's not into, etc.

Also, if I start to get stir-crazy but still don't want to see anyone I know or take a shower, I go to the thrift store and take my sweet time browsing the clothing. I'll usually find a couple items to take home and try on with every outfit I own to see what works. I'm able to throw clothes everywhere and just clean up when I'm done. If you don't want to get out at all, you could still do this with your current wardrobe and maybe take the time to pare down stuff you don't want/need anymore.

2nd-ing the crafting suggestions. I think all my alone-time consists of making big messes that I don't clean up until the last minute.
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Sleep in late, don't bother showering, order some greasy unhealthy yummy takeout and ice-cream, watch all those movies that only you like, play online games while sipping an alcoholic drink, and sing along loudly to all your favorite 80s hits.
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