Nontraditional wedding party for the wedding party
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What kind of activities can I arrange for a non-traditional, joint bachelor-bachelorette party?

The bride and groom in question do not want anything to do with the traditional wild'n'crazy party antics, i.e. strip clubs, bars, being the center of attention. They're fairly chill, but fun. Because of the small size of the wedding party and the couple's closeness, we're going with a joint party.

I've considered stuff like paintball/laser tag and midnight bowling, but surely you creative folks can come up with more ideas to put in the mix. We'll likely head to Dave & Buster's after whatever activity we pick, to unwind and have a couple drinks and play some games.

If you can name actual locations in the tri-state area (North Jersey, specifically) that would be great. We're looking into Chelsea Piers, but we are trying to avoid the city because of traffic/transportation issues as well as cost.

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This is probably the second time within a week that I've recommended a bouncie house place for an adult party, but: BOUNCIE HOUSE PLACE. There's one in Paramus; I know nothing about them except that I've found them on the web. They'll cater for adult functions, according to their website.
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Best answer: My brother in law's 30th B-day was a co-ed racing party held here: Velocity-17. They also have laser tag and roller skating.

When are you planning to hold this shin dig?
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I haven't managed to get down there myself, but I've heard good things about the Roller Rink on Staten Island, which has plenty of parking and lets you drink while you skate.

(You might even see some of the Gotham Girls or New York Shock Exchange while you're there.)
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Response by poster: The shindig will be held on August 21st! I know it's pretty short notice, but that seems to be the way most of the things for this wedding are going, so I'm trying to work within the parameters.
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Best answer: Beat to it by mrsshotglass, but I'd think go-cart racing would be a fantastic idea. Part of the fun of a night out like this is that you engage in activities that get the blood and adrenalin pumping. Paintballing works here too, but the chances on welts goes up by a factor of 100%, go-carting allows for a bit of competitiveness, excitement, while acting goofy all at the same time.

The V-17 place linked looks like it might have racing simulators as well, which means when you've grown tired of driving actual carts while sober, you might be able to cut loose with virtual cars and drunken revelry.
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If you're unwinding or somewhere more relaxed, having those attending the bachelor-bachelorette party personalize a page in a scrap book can be fun. Have people bring photos to stick in the book, and you can supply the pens and any crafty supplies (though they aren't necessary). It's less formal than the wedding signature book (if they're doing that), and can be a fun way to call up old memories and share photos.
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I organized a tiny bachelor party a couple weeks ago for a friend who wanted it to be extremely low-key. We played boardgames, at the bachelor's request. Fun, but yawn.

But we also all bought ridiculous porn magazines and brought them to the party, and spent an hour and a half cutting out fun bits and pasting them into a collage. It seemed like a good idea. It turned out to be a wonderful idea. Everyone had a great time.
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Response by poster: mrsshotglass, I don't know how that place didn't show up in my searches. The location is perfect, and I put in a call for them to get back to me about hosting a party.

gurple, we are very likely to end up playing board games sometime. Actually, what usually happens is a rousing game of Catchphrase, with a few beers. Bachelor might be alright with the porn thing, but I reealllly don't know if the bride would get a kick out of it. I would. I don't know if she would.
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My parents had a joint bachelor(ette) party. It was a softball game--bride's friends against the groom's. Afterwards there was a barbecue. From the reminiscing that still goes on, it was apparently a totally fun party. I dunno, I wasn't there!
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Best bachelorette party I even went to, which could easily be made joint, involved a scavanger hunt. we had to take pictures of things like:
- a place for the reception
- a get away car
- we were given old bridesmaids gowns (think goodwill) and had to ask people (strangers) to wear them
- etc

We also had to gather objects. Like, a condom (the rules were we had to ask someone for it - we couldn't buy it); a phone number from a guy at a bar; a menu from a place for the reception; etc.

We met back up at a bar after. Great fun.

Also, I think playing games that we played when I was a little kid would be fun. I know I've said this before:

- put 15 popcorn kernals (unpopped) on a knife; walk across the room
- put a bunch of cotton balls in a bowl; blindfold; scoop them out
- drop clothespins into a 20 oz bottle
- blind mans bluff
- kick the can

You could design, easily, some kind of contest around such things to do inbetween board games. Round it out with some drinking game (flip cup!). Hilarity will ensue.
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My brother was my Best Man and arranged a FANTASTIC joint party. I live in Seattle (I see you are also near water) and he chartered a 3 hr sight seeing cruise on a small boat. There were about 25 of us of all ages, including kids. It was really fun to get to see things from a vantage point you don't normally have. We could bring our own food and drink to keep costs down. An iPod with special playlists made for a perfect soundtrack. People didn't have to worry about drinking and driving. It was during the day so those that wanted to could go out for a more rowdy time in the evening. And best of all...we really had a dedicated time to spend talking to the people that really meant a lot to us. Wedding weeks don't always allow for that. And YOU have Manhattan!
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Best answer: Glad to help. I wanted to also suggest Sportsworld, but apparently that place closed down years and years ago.

There's also The Sports Place, in Blauvelt, just down the road from D&B's. It might be a little too kid oriented though. Oh, and there's a Lucky Strike Lanes right across from D&B's.
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this idea seems not as exciting and awesome as the other ones, but i went to a fun joint bach/ette party and they had a raffle and a dance contest. you might be able to work those into the party, especially if you are having it at a roller rink or on a cruise, and would probz be more acceptable to the bride than a porn collage (but i am saving that idea for my own bachlorette party)
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Medieval Times! It's a bit expensive but really really fun to go as a grown-up because, like, drinking and eating with your hands!
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Rye Playland! The website is pretty awful, but the place itself is awesome for (a) rides and games, some historic (b) mini golf, (c) evil carnival food, and (d) the boardwalk. Oh, and it's right next to Rye Town Beach, so you could potentially hang out on the beach, watch the ducks at the Rye Town Park duck pond, eat dinner at Seaside Johnnies or get reservations in advance to picnic at Playland, and spend the evening going on rides. If you do go, make sure you play Skee-Ball: they have original machines that give you five balls for a quarter.* If you get there at the right time, you can see a goofy performance at the band shell. Oh! And there's a little lake, and there are boat rides.

* For optimal Skee-Ball opportunities, go to the arcade near the lake, beside the bandshell seating, beside one haunted house and across from another. Err ... it's directly between 7 and 8 on this map.
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