Where to download Public Domain general knowledge / trivia question bank?
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I need a few hundred to a few thousand general knowledge or trivia questions that I can integrate into a application I'm writing.

Ideally I'd like to download a csv or database file of the format:
or similiar. Prefered questions would be timeless in nature (eg: "when did Columbus discover America" or "how long is the hypotenuse of a right triangle with sides 3 and 4 units long" rather than "what is the worlds tallest building" or "who is the president of the USA"). This is for a minor add on to an application I'm playing with (and teaching myself .NET) but I'd still like to be able to distribute it for free afterwords so questions banks that require payment are out. This seems like an invalueable resource for things like school knowledge bowls and the like but my google-fu is failing me.
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Many hubs in the Direct Connect P2P application run trivia bots. I think that when you set it up, you choose what categories to include, and there must be a database for it somewhere. I can't point you directly to it, but maybe this will help your searching.
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Should I just start listing them now?
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If you mean a list of bots sure.
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The open-source Misterhouse seems to have some trivia files available here
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I may be able to help you with that. A friend of mine was playing with scraping browser screens on a particularly popular trivia site and it worked pretty well. I'm not sure what format the data is in but, I know that there is about 4-5k questions and answers. I'll ask him if he would part with the data. You don't have an email listed so, email me when you get the chance.
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Just remember that any of these questions, whether you have to pay to access them or not, are protected by copyright. Even incorporating them into an application which you distribute for free is an infringement. Given your altruistic intentions for their use it may not be difficult to get permission. It is probably a sensible thing to pursue.
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Ya that's why the bit about the public domain. If I can't find something I'll sit down with the CIA world fact book, an OED, and the Wikipedia for a day and make up my own but I'd prefer to avoid that amount of tedious work.

I just can believe someone isn't running a project like this already. I did find open trivia but there questions are missing the wrong answers.
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That is a pretty cool site Mitheral. I think I might have some fun there. thanks.
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