There has to be a good doctor here somewhere, right?
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New health insurance, need a new primary care doctor. I live in Woburn, MA, so I'd prefer one as close to there as possible, and preferably female (though for awesome one, I'd accept a male doctor.)

In general, I just want a doctor with the standard "good doctor" qualities (listens to your concerns, doesn't blow you off, doesn't read mail while talking to you), and it would be great, but not necessary if they had some experience with sports injuries, as I tend to hurt myself a lot.

Anywhere in the nearby area should work (Woburn, Burlington, Winchester, etc) but I don't want to drive a long way to get there.
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Dr. Rosemary Chou was awesome. She's at Lahey in Burlington.

Also, my sister went to Dr. Copanos in Winchester and thought he was the best.
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Also, just asked my friend - she said she went to Dr. Melissa Zorn until she moved. Said she was great. found a profile/contact for her here
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Never been to the Burlington practice, but I'm here to recommend Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates. Burlington doesn't have ortho/sports medicine, but your PCP can give you a referral to a specialist if you need it. You didn't mention what your new insurance was, but HVMA takes most of the big ones around here.

(Disclosure: they sign my paycheck.)
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Hi neighbor! I live in Lexington and LOVE Dan Ehrler at Lahey Lexington. Great diagnostician, always listens and is easy about referrals. The whole Lahey Lexington practice is great, the nurses on staff can always talk you through things, prescribe meds, I've been going there for 20 years and love them.
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Response by poster: Heh teragram, it's Harvard Pilgram because I now work at Harvard and the HVMA is actually one of the places I could have gone on the cheaper insurance plan I could get but didn't take because my son's pediatrician wasn't on it. That being said, it doesn't necessarily rule them out for me still.

Alas, while Melissa Zorn is nicely in Woburn, she's at the same practice that my last PCP (who I am a bit soured on but not necessarily for a really good reason) is in, so that just seems weird.

Thanks for the recommendations though, I always prefer this to blind stabs in the dark with doctors, many of whom I've had bad experiences with (including one who not only read his mail while talking to me in the exam room, but insisted I just had muscle soreness when I had torn my labrum in my shoulder, mostly because he seemed to not be willing to believe (even though I told him differently) that a girl could have been doing anything that would have caused a tear.)
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