Experiences with California Low Cost Auto Insurance?
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Does anyone have experiences with the California Low Cost Auto Insurance (CLCA) program, and/or any advice for applying? (Anonymous because the program is only for individuals dancing with the poverty line, and I'd rather not make my financial circumstances known)

Despite a completely clean driving record (one of the requirements of CLCA, which I meet), my car insurance company keeps raising my rates, and has terrible service to boot. When my current coverage period is up, I'm thinking of applying to this program.

From a reading of the California government website, and the AIPSO insurance consortium website, I appear to meet all of the eligibility requirements, including residency, the cost of the car, my driving record, etc. I'm aware that I receive lower coverage limits than what is typically required by law, but a special legal exemption has apparently been carved out for this program to make the smaller amount of coverage legal. Other than that (and the usual hazards of not buying enough insurance), is this a particularly good, or bad idea? Your thoughts and experiences are appreciated.

Throwaway email: askme.clca.question@gmail.com
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