Name these 1980s SF movies
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Please guess what these creepy 1980s SF type films might be. They aired on HBO or Showtime in the mid-1980s.

These movies were all released around 1983-1985.

Movie #1: I think this is a Canadian film set or filmed in Toronto. The hospital staff are wagering on patient deaths (but no, this is not 1977 Coma). More importantly, the hospital is partially automated and one of the staff is hacking into it. Many of the beds have an automatic defibrillator that drops from the ceiling, and it's used not only to bend the odds but is used by a thug in a hospital room fight scene to incapacitate his opponent. There is also a scene in a supermarket where a hooded thug injects some sort of substance into a pack of raw chicken a lady is purchasing, and after she cooks it it makes her violently ill and she ends up in said hospital and is gambled on.

Movie #2: This deals with a ghost or malevolent entity of some kind, and I think the movie was set in California. The only scene I distinctly remember where the housewife is taking a shower, and the water temperature suddenly goes full-hot. The lady tries to escape but is trapped by the shower door, and the shower head moves, seemingly by itself, to get her. Some unseen force is doing this. The scene ends with her having died from the incident.

I've often thought of these movies over the years but poking around on IMDB or Google I've never been able to figure out what they were.
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Best answer: Number two is Pulse, starring Joey Lawrence. Only she doesn't die, just gets hospitalized with third degree burns.
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crapmatic, I remember the scalding shower scene from an old episode of the TV series The Nightstalker, rather than a movie. The episode is called the Trevi Collection (scroll down).
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#1 reminds me of Dans le ventre du dragon (1989), but I haven't seen it in a long time. Does this ring a bell?
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Best answer: #1 is Terminal Choice
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Response by poster: Thanks all... now my memories of 1980s late night TV have a little more context.
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Thanks for posting this question, crapmatic -- I've had that shower scene in my mind for almost 20 years but never bothered to ask about it here!
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