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Can anyone identify for me the name of this bizarro comedy from the 80s/early 90s?

I'm quite curious whether the following description will ring any bells for anyone! Truth be told, I don't remember much from this movie, but here's what I recall: The setting was a house and the junkyard surrounding it. Two notable figures in the movie were a set of twins, very obese with lots of make-up/masks. They were more cartoon figures than human and they rode scooters around the junkyard - again, from what I vaguely remember. Also, there was a rapper who made an appearance and who was probably the only black character. I am really blanking on plotlines, but the movie was far from realistic and I'm reminded of the Garbage Pail Kids movie in terms of its repulsive aesthetic. Anyone with any ideas?
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Nothing But Trouble. A personal favorite. Which probably says a lot about me as a person.
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I believe you're thinking of Nothing But Trouble.
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Response by poster: Thank you, thank you! I would've never figured it out on my own. And wow, I had no idea this film was so chock-full of celebs!
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The rappers were Digital Underground, including a very young Tupac Shakur. And yeah, the movie is utterly repulsive, one of the most grotesque and ill-judged projects ever. Just offputting in every imaginable way. A must-watch, even if only once.
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Wasn't Humpty-Hump also in it?
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Greg Jacobs, aka "Shock G", aka "Humpty Hump", was the founder of the Digital Underground.
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Ah cool, thanks nicwolff - I never knew the lineage.
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I remember watching Nothing But Trouble on the "pay cable" channels as a kid. At the time, I loved it. I wonder what would happen if I watched it now after almost 20 years...
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