[novice photog filter] Where can my wife learn photography?
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Mrs. Draccy would like to take an intro to photography class near Worcester, MA, but I am unable to find something relevant to a novice (read: near no experience) photog. She doesn't enjoy using the internet to learn and would prefer classroom or workshop environments. Any suggestions?
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Do any local colleges offer a Continuing Education program? Here in NM, Continuing Ed is a great place to take photography classes.
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Worcester Art Museum has great classes, and they have quite a few Photography ones this Fall.
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She might want to check into meetup.com. There are a number of photography groups, and several are run by professional photographers of various stripes. The Boston Photography Center in particular offers intro classes periodically.

NESOP (New England School of Photography, not a meetup, but a real school) may be an option, as well.

These are more Boston-centric, but there are a few meetups out in the burbs.
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Assabet After Dark has a couple of classes that start in the fall. They also have some Photoshop retouching classes that might be of help too. Classes are $110-$155 and they are held at Assabet High School in Marlboro. You didn't say what kind of camera you have but a DSLR Camera is recommended.
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