Upgrade current iPad?
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What is the best way to get a second generation iPad when it comes out in exchange for my current one? The most cost effective way would be the best.
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Sell your current one on Craigslist?
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If you sell it after the new one comes out, you'll lose a lot more than if you can keep tabs on the rumors of the new version and sell at least a month before.

Craigslist and eBay are probably best, but I'd guess (because it is less essential than a laptop or phone) that the used market isn't very good. People that want one can buy new.
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Well, actually, I would buy used ones for my kids. I would not hand over the latest version to them but definitely a previous generation. With that in mind, you cannot expect to get close to retail pricing for your equipment. With ipad apps that allow streaming and all that, the wifi variant is more than acceptable for kids so the premium for a 64GB 3G variant may not be as attractive to thrifty parents.

Weird, since this is an actual process that I am undergoing for my children.
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the best or high price is going to be "before" the next one comes out. The earlier the quicker.

The low price slope starts at when the next one comes out and shoots downwards from there.

Here's the thing though, you will just have to sacrifice more when the next gen falls and the bright line that you have there is that there is always someone who wants to try that apple product but just does not have the money to get a new one, that's where you hope, hope that the timing is right and you get the best price.

Otherwise, know someone who really needs it and keep it in immaculate condition.
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