Where can I purchase Chemex coffee filters in Minneapolis-St Paul?
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Where can I find Chemex filters to purchase in Minneapolis-St Paul area? I rummaged up an old Chemex coffee maker and I know I'm able to order filters online, but is there anywhere locally that I can purchase the fliters. Thanks in advance!
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Neat brewer- I know nothing about Mpls coffee scene (aside from the fact that Paradise Roasters kick ass) but if you go to the chemex site, there's an option to find local suppliers.
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I know you specifically stated you didn't want to order them online, but if it does turn out you need to resort to that, I found that Amazon has a pretty good selection and price on them. Plus, it's fun to be more excited about your coffee filters than new books!
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You might inquire at Whole Foods:

3060 Excelsior Boulevard
Minneapolis, MN 55416
(612) 927-8141

The Whole Foods store in Hadley Massachusetts usually has them. They're a little pricier than regular drip filters no matter where you find them, but it's soooooo worth it.
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You might try local co-ops. I found an Aeropress at the Hampden Park Co-op in St. Paul so I always have them in mind for obscure stuff. I'd probably check with the Wedge.

If you strike out and really don't want to order any, drop me a Memail, I think I have some filters in a drawer somewhere.
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Oh hey, Angry Catfish apparently brews Chemex so maybe they can help you out. Conveniently, A Baker's Wife is next door if you want a little pastry to have with your coffee.
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Response by poster: hmm...just struck out at whole foods and the wedge coop. can anyone think of some specialty kitchenware stores that might have it? (i already tried macys and williams sonoma)
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Best answer: Three stores sell Chemex filters and equipment: Cooks of Crocus Hill; Kitchen Window and Cur La Table. Just give them a call so you do not have to do an unnecessary drive. The superior staff, I found, are at Kitchen Window in Minneapolis, Uptown area. The staff at Sur La Table and Cooks of Crocus Hill are comparable though to be honest, I have not been impressed with their expertise.
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It's just laboratory filter paper. You can get this cheaply and easily.
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