Always wanted a pair of these, now I'm ready to buy!
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Ring Boots: Need advice on the right pair to buy

I've searched for these boot/shoes and have found three brands that fit the bill: Yuketen, Arrow Moccasins and Quoddy. The Yuketens only seem to be for men, and I'm not really digging the sole that they've added for the newest version (kind of a Sperry Top-Sider sole). The Quoddys run about $300 and are completely out of my range, so the Arrow Moccasins come the closest.

I don't mind buying a pair for men, if that's all that I can get, and I'm really looking for these in a lighter tan color.

Any recommendations on where I can find these relatively inexpensively?

Hopefully the link to the image came out okay - first timer on linking. Thanks.
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Arrow's page has a women's version. They don't seem to sell them in a lighter tan, but they have other styles in that color, so I wonder if you could get them to do it in their other leather. It's probably worth asking.

MetaFilter's own jessamyn has some.
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Response by poster: Madamina - I saw that. The Arrow page only shows a black pair, and there does not seem to be any information on other colors, unfortunately. I'll give them a call to see how flexible they are - that's a good idea. Also found a pair of Quoddys in beige suede on ebay for $199. But I'm not sure I want suede. And they are size 9.5, and I'm a 9.

Jessamyn, how flexible are they on size, from your experience? Would a size up or down really matter?

Thanks both of you! Keep the recommendations coming!
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