Star Wars 1-3 showings
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Okay, despite my dislike for Star Wars, my father loved it. When I was about 3, he took us to a showing of the first three movies. I have not seen the fourth and fifth because I was waiting to do the same for the sixth. Now that my father has passed away (last year, don't worry) it reaffirms my desire to go to a showing of all three movies even though I'm not a fan of the series. Where/how can I get tickets before they degenerate into an eBay frenzy? Which is to say, I'd like to get them before they are scalped/resold, because I'm not interested in paying huge money. Any sites to watch/feeds I can monitor?

Also, I live in the NY Metro area, so that's where I'd be looking to see them. Thanks.
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Are you asking if theaters are going to be programming and end-to-end showing of the prequel trilogy?

Given the relative lack of popularity of Episode I and Episode II, I suspect that there won't be much of this. Maybe a promotional evening or two for the fanboys.

If Lucasfilm does this, one possible location would be the AMC Empire (42nd Street and 8th Avenue in Manhattan), which hosted a couple days showings of the complete The Lord of the Rings trilogy for the opening of The Return of the King.
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Is seeing it in a theater important to you? If not, you might just be better off waiting till the summer, when the final version is released on DVD, and renting/buying the whole set for a home viewing.
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MattD- Eps I & II are both in the top 25 moneymaking films of all time. Yes, WE all know that the prequels were disappointing, but Lucasfilm is a marketing juggernaut and there are a lot of SW dorks out there. I'm pretty sure at least NY and LA will be doing this.
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To actually answer the question...

Any sites to watch/feeds I can monitor?

The only site you need to be watching is TheForce.Net, which is to Star Wars what TheOneRing.Net is to Lord of The Rings; in other words, the only site you need to be reading for any and all news and gossip related to Star Wars.
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Keep in mind that the line for SW in NYC has always been at the Ziegfeld, so any special treatment from Lucasfilm may go on there.

Also, I would discourage comparisons to what happened with ROTK/AMC, since Jackson and Lucas pretty much treat their fans completely opposite. Jackson/New Line made prints of the Extended Editions for the screenings of all three films, and even allowed ROTK to be screened earlier (11pm). I don't think that Lucas would even think of doing anything like that. I wouldn't get your hopes up for screenings of the entire thing.
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Response by poster: Yes, LB, the idea was to see it in a theater.
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