How hard is the PTCB exam?
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How hard is the PTCB test, really?

I am registered to take the test within the next 90 days. On one hand, reading the other metafilter question, I feel it's pretty hard. On the other hand, my pre-pharmacy school adviser told me just to get a book and not waste money on any classes. Am I completely foolish for rushing into this without any formalized education?

More details: I'm half way through my pre-pharmacy school requirements. Just last semester I took microbio which had a fair amount of drug information. I volunteer once a week in the inpatient pharmacy at a local hospital (obviously I can't do too much, not having my license, but it's given me some exposure). My current job has been cut down to three days a week and I have two weeks until the semester begins. I plan to study as much as possible in the next few weeks with all of my new free time. I looked up the passing rate statistics, and it's around 70% for a first time tester. You only need a score of '600' from a range of 300-900 to pass. I feel like I can do this. Does anyone have any recent experience with the test? From what I can glean online, the test has changed a bit in the past few years. As always, thanks!
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Memorize the top 200 drugs, have a decent idea about what's control and what's not, know your sig codes backwards and forwards. And then know 4th grade math.

They're pretty lenient with what constitutes a passing score. It's really not hard to pass.
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Not hard at all. I took it 3 days after jaw surgery and was doped up on all sorts of pain medication. I barely studied and my last science course was several years prior, in high school. Good luck!
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