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What's the best application for syncing RSS feeds between a Mac and an iPod Touch?

I'm planning on purchasing an iPod Touch when the new model comes out, and I'm starting to think about how I can use it to simplify my life. Item 1: RSS feeds. Right now, I'm using NewsFire on my Mac laptop, and I love it. However, aside from this technique, I can't find any way to sync between devices. (My feeds change often enough that his solution would be unwieldy.) I am therefore looking for alternatives.

I would prefer to stick with an application interface* on my laptop rather than a web-based one. On the iPod side, since I won't necessarily have constant internet access (i.e., it's not an iPhone), the mobile app should be able to download everything for offline reading. Does such a pairing exist? I should also note that I'm happy to use a web-based service for the process of syncing between the iPod and my laptop. I don't necessarily object to paid software, although free alternatives are of course very nice.

*Bonus points for software fitting the bill that can also be installed on a PC.
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There are several iPod Touch apps which will synchronise with Google Reader and also cache feeds for offline reading - I like Reeder personally. So you can either find a Mac newsreader which will also sync with GR, or use the GR web interface (which is what I do, meaning I don't need to worry about which operating system the computer is using, or what software is installed on it).
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I use Google Reader and the Byline iApp. There are a couple standalone apps that pull from Google Reader: Gruml for Mac and FeedDemon for PC. They have different interfaces, etc., but they'll stay in sync. GR has worked well for me for several years, and so has Byline.

I would anticipate more issues with offline reading. With so much good info "after the jump," I often want the whole page (or pages, if split up) of an article. Byline does archive feeds for offline reading, but since I'm on an iPhone I can't swear to how much access it provides.
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I've heard good things about Byline, but ended up getting Reeder for the iphone, and it is quite excellent. I'll 3rd the idea of using Google Reader app for the iphone and some software on the Mac that can sync with Good Reader.

This link seems to cover syncing Google Reader and NewsNetWire.

Personally I use the Google reader web app, but hopefully that solution will work for you.
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Google Reader when I'm on the computer, NetNewsWire when I'm on the iPhone. NNW works beautifully with your Google Reader RSS feeds. There is, of course, a NNW application for Mac OS X as well. Then you could use NNW on your Mac and your iPod/iPhone both, and Google Reader when you're away from home.

NNW on the iPhone will download all new feeds and let you read them when you're away from the internet.
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Apologies - I read it as you were using NewsNetWire on the Max, not Newsfire - so the link I provided is a little out of context.
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N'thing Reeder, it's a fantastic RSS client.
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I started with NNW for the iphone and was very disappointed. I now use Reeder, which I like. The only way I'd return to NNW is if I used it for the desktop also. But I don't; I use google reader.

I think, at this point, news readers on the iPhone is one area where there's no fantastic app, just several good ones. Someone wrote an article on that fact a couple of months ago (though I forget where).

I also used newsfire on the desktop and loved it, but I don't see the developer ever creating a newsfire iphone app.
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Best answer: Try Net News Wire because it's available for OS X and iOS. I use it on my iPod but not on OS X. All my feeds are on GoogleReader, divided into 'graphical' and 'text' folders. I just go into the 'text' folder on my iPod (would rather view graphical feeds on a big screen). On OS X I access the GReader site in a Fluidapp window. You should perhaps try Byline and Reeder too, because 'best' is a subjective judgement and those three are the most likely for the iPod. There are lots of others though, like Shrook and Web Feeds Free.

I think all the iOS apps will work offline. Just tap on the sync or refresh button before going offline so you're up to date. Just bear in mind that some feeds are set up to only give a link to a post or article on the originating site, or maybe they'll give you a teaser. I don't know if any apps can pull down the original articles. It's not something I've ever looked into. I have on occasion sent an article from my iPod RSS reader to Instapaper for reading offline later. Net News Wire has a 'Send to Instapaper' button. Reeder and Byline can send to both Instapaper and ReadItLater.
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I like Reeder. It is the best RSS reader for the iPhone. It syncs with Google Reader.
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