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I gained some money through the Amazon associates program. I have apprx. 200$ hanging around (but growing). There's many things i would have liked to buy - but I am in Europe and Amazon won't ship anything that has a warranty abroad... apparently i can only get books and audio cds and dvds (but wrong region). So, short of having a friend going there and bringing stuff back, what can i order or how can i order ? anybody knows if i can convert my Amazon moneys into real moneys, maybe even after a fee?
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Ask people if they're interested in buying it. It's sort of like buying a gift certificate. Alternatively, look for some "wanted" stuff on craigslist. Option 3: enter a friend's shipping address in the USA, then have them ship it to you.
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Amazon Associates can pay you by direct deposit or paper check instead of by Amazon gift certificate. Just go into your Associates account, and select Account Settings and then Change Payment Method.
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Not a strictly ethical solution but could you order books and then contrive some way to get a local book store to accept those books as returns, for a cash refund?
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My Amazon Associate money gets ACH deposited into my (USA) bank account monthly -- if they are balking at sending money abroad, see if you can finagle an account with a US bank as a stopping point for the cash.
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Amazon US will mail you a cheque for free if you're not in the US. All the information is on the Amazon site.

If your bank in Italy is anything like my bank in the UK, they will charge you a fee to pay the cheque into your account. In the UK this fee is typically ~€10, depending on the bank.
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Response by poster: I explored the international check before. My bank (netherlands) charges more than 20 euros for cashing a check - and my monthly amazon payments are in the 10$/month range so that is not feasible for me :(
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Best answer: I have used with great, great success getting Amazon goods to Australia where they have a similar policy. Its postage was much cheaper than usual US postage quotes, too.
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Response by poster: smoke - that could be the solutions! do you have problems with customs?
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You don't have to get a cheque every month! Amazon won't mail you a cheque for less than $50 anyway, but you can increase this threshold yourself. Set it to a large amount (like, say, €200, for example ; ), and withdraw it then. Your bank's €20 fee is then a small fraction of the money.
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It depends on what country you're in, and what you're buying. Australia has, in general, very strict customs, and if it's not organic, they don't care.

Tax wise, as long as it's under $1000 here, you won't get charged tax - many other countries have similar rules.

Tldr; no problems at all.
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Can you order through Amazon UK, France, or Germany? The UK site ships to the Continent if you want to browse in English.
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Response by poster: qwip - sorry, that's not an option either: and .com (or .de .fr ...) are all separate stores and you cannot switch your credit from one to the other
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