Heard a "saying." Is it real?
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Does this "African saying" actually exist?

Friend of a friend said he heard it while he was "traveling in Africa" (possibly Swaziland?) It allegedly translates roughly to: "Don't laugh. Your sister may be involved." Which I generally take to mean, don't mock someone else's misfortune because it could just as easily be your own. Can anyone help me confirm this? Thanks.
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Closest I can find is the Igbo proverb: "Don't laugh at a distant boat being tossed by the waves, your brother may be in it”

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A quick google search reveals an American saying that appears to be close (or even related) with a slightly different take.

"Don't Laugh, Your Sister May Be In Here" appears to be a rare variation of the popular (rather creepy) US car bumper sticker "Don't Laugh, Your Daughter Is In Here".

This car bumper sticker has been around in the US since at least before the early 1970s, as evidenced by its cameo appearance in the well-regarded 1971 US cult road movie Two-Lane Blacktop.
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It soundss possible. Kidani village at disney which is modeled after africa has those types of sayings all over the place. they even have people from africa there so if your really curious and in the orlando area you can always ask somebody who works there.
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