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A couple of years ago, I tried on a pair of women's eyeglasses with very light pink thickish rectangular frames at Lenscrafters. The arms were also fairly thick. I believe they were DKNY or Donna Karan. They also came in black. Can you help me find them?

I wrote down the product number at the time and Googled it when I got home. I found a blog post that reviewed the men's version- I remember it included a picture of the black-colored version. I didn't need new glasses at that point and lost the product number, but now I'm back in the market.

They were like these in color, maybe a bit lighter, but less rounded/more rectangular in shape.

These are close to the shape but the color is wrong.

This may be a long shot, but I have a really hard time finding flattering glasses, and these ones looked great on me.
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Eyeglasses change seasonally, like clothes. You might have better luck finding a similar looking pair than tracking down old stock of that model. It's very likely, if you saw a designer pair a few years ago, that they're no longer made.
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These glasses?

These were what I immediately thought of because I own them and it kind of sounds like what you were describing. They are two toned though.
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