Lost article about New York's tolerance for cultural diversity
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I'm looking for a specific article about New York City's amazing tolerance for diversity.

The article mentioned specific groups but wasn't about any particular kind of diversity . It could be that you're gay or punk or Muslim or foreign or that you share any other quality that might get you singled out in other places. I also remember that the article claimed that New York's tolerance was even more remarkable than that of other large, presumably cosmopolitan cities. The article mentioned specific cities but didn't make detailed comparisons

I'm inspired to re-read the article by the controversy over the Cordoba center, but the article is definitely from before Cordoba entered the national consciousness. I remember reading it recently - months ago - but it's possible that the article may have been old when I first discovered it.

I get so much of my news online, and specifically from MeFi, that I figured this question would have a decent chance even with such sparse detail.
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Ride the 7 train, you'll see :)

Or is this it: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/09/nyregion/09census.html
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It wasn't a topical article. It may have been in a newspaper but it wasn't a news-y article.

It was an inspiring tribute.
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did it have references to 9/11 ?

do you know if it was just someone's blog or was it an opinion piece in a newspaper site?
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So, my description of the article was pretty misleading. In fact, it appears not to have been an article at all and rather a book. I just read an excerpt on a blog. The excerpt wasn't so much about tolerance for cultural diversity as it was about tolerance for stress. And I don't know exactly what the book was about beyond that it's about New York. The excerpt was on Kottke and the book is Here Is New York by E.B. White.
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