How do I move one chair from Ottawa to Montreal?
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I have a large living room chair that I need to transport from Ottawa to my apartment in Montreal in the next week or so. "Moving" or "Furniture moving" is a mess in Google, and most of the Craigslist and Kijiji entries are focused on a full house/apartment moving service. Does anyone know what is the best and most economical way to do this? One option would be to rent a van here in Montreal and use it to bring the chair here. I would prefer an approach that wasn't so time-consuming on my part. Thoughts?
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Try craigslist ride share. If someone has a vehicle with room, you could probably offer to pay a few bucks for them to move it for you.
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You need a man with a van.
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Send it by Greyhound.
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Sorry - send it by Greyhound CANADA.
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Are you looking on the Ottawa craigslist page? There are lots of postings on craigslist for guys with vans- I have no clue who I used before but it was one of the "I'll meet you at IKEA" postings. Prices for local deliveries are usually around $30. You'll have to call a couple to see how much they'd charge to go to Montreal, but I'm sure some would be willing.
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Response by poster: Hi all - found a mover (via Kijiji) who does partial loads and does regular runs between Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. In fact the guy was a neighbour of mine - he lives only 2 streets away from my apartment. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
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