If you were 22 and moving to El Paso, where would you want to live?
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I'm looking for suggestions for good neighborhoods and/or apartment rentals near UTEP in El Paso, Texas.

The daughter of a friend recently graduated from college and accepted a job in El Paso, Texas. It has all happened very quickly and now they're looking for safe and affordable neighborhoods near UTEP (if possible).

Don't hesitate to make actual apartment complex suggestions if one stands out to you. Ideally, she needs a lease that starts in the next week or so versus mid-September and the rent should be in the $600-850 range for a 1-bedroom. Safety is paramount.

Additionally, feel free to suggest other things that a recently graduated person might like to do in your city. Restaurants, fun activities, and/or good places to meet other people of a similar age would all be appreciated.

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Best answer: Generally there are few apartments that aren't all college housing around the UTEP area. UTEP is pretty much a commuter campus. There are many apartments around the area that aren't too far of a drive from the campus. You will want to look on the West side of town, since that is side that the campus is on. There are many apartment complexes toward the Mt. around Pebble Hills Rd.

Mesa is the main road through that area, so if you look around that area you should be able to find something suitable. El Paso is the 2nd most safest city in the US, so most apartments in that area are pretty safe.

As far as fun things to do: Many great restaurants, and bars, in the area surrounding UTEP, most on Mesa/Cincinatti ave. There is scenic drive, aerial tramway, and Mexico is just 5 minutes away. There is much violence in the Mexico area right now, so I would suggest staying away from there for the time being. Luckily, most of the violence has stayed on the Mexico side of the border. We used to go Mexico and take visitors with us to the market, and glass blowing factories, but I wouldn't do that at this time.

There are many activities within short driving distance from El Paso that are don't miss. White Sands national monument, Carlsbad Caverns, Hueco Tanks National Park, Ruidoso, NM. (lakes, skiing, camping, hiking). So you can do many activities around the area to keep you busy.

Sorry I can't recommend specific apartment complexes, but I hope I gave you enough to get you started.

Please memail me if you have any other questions.
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Response by poster: Ahh...I didn't know that El Paso was so safe...the violence across the border has definitely shaded my opinion so that's good to know. Also, I totally agree with the pool as a requirement...although swimming where the water evaporates so fast is a totally difference experience versus swimming in Florida. I couldn't believe how cold you could feel when it's 103 degrees.
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