Where are the good flea markets in Boston?
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Boston Filter: I went to Brooklyn Flea this weekend. It was awesome. Is there anything like that in the Boston area?

A few more details: I live in Waltham and have a car, and am willing to drive up to an hour, so it doesn't have to be T-accessible.

I enjoyed the food, the people who made their own stuff and the people selling vintage/antique stuff. Two out of those three would be OK, with the food probably being the least important.

Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: Well, while you were off getting your Brooklyn on, the Somerville Rock and Roll Yard Sale took place in Union Sq., which was fun. Sundays in the summer, there is the SoWa open market down Thayer Street (i.e., right at 450 Harrison Ave. in the South End, where the First Friday Open Studios are). I think there is a big regular (non hipster) flea market somewhere, too, but I haven't been.

There's a few things out of town, too, like Oldie's Antiques (not really a market, but sort of a barn) in Newburyport.
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Wellfleet Flea
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Best answer: The South End Open Market.

You'd also likely enjoy the Brimfield Antique Show (coming up in September).
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I second the suggestion for the Brimfield Antique Show. It is truly epic!
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Thirding Brimfield (we're going Sept. 12 - meetup?) and you may also like Todd's Farm in Rowley (under an hour away from you). Todd's Farm is low on the crafters/artisans, high on the vintage/retro, and there is a snack bar with some simple but really good homemade food. Also, White Farms Ice Creamand the famous Clam Box are very nearby, so you can definitely make a foodie kind of day out of a visit.
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The Cambridge Antiques Market is similar, but smaller, indoors, and without the food.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all, these all sound great!

Miko, I'm busy on the 12th, unfortunately; if I end up going to Brimfield it'll be the 11th.
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Check out Art Fridays at Downtown Crossing - smaller that those mentioned above, but fun and quirky
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BTW -- be sure to check out this evening's Chronicle on WCVB - TV5.

Tonight's topic: Brimfield Antique Show.
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